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Wastewater Treatment

Wastewater Treatment

As the leader in wastewater/raw water treatment, Nalco Water has innovative technologies and the breadth of product line for all solid/liquid separation applications and supplemental offerings designed to help ensure regulatory compliance.

Value delivered by our wastewater treatment program includes:

  • Environmental compliance
  • Optimized total cost of operation
  • Surcharge reduction due to meeting discharge limits
  • Sludge reduction and reduced sludge hauling costs
  • Improved safety for plant employees
  • Better system visibility and control
  • Odor control
Refrigeration Treatment

Refrigeration & Cooling Water Treatment

An extensive product line, along with 3D TRASARTM automation, supports your initiatives to reduce, reuse and recycle water.

Comprehensive cooling water treatment programs provide the following value:

  • Water savings with increased cycles of concentration
  • Reduced energy usage due to scale and fouling prevention
  • Extended asset life through customized applications
  • Management of risk to help achieve health and performance standards
Boiler Treatment

Boiler Treatment

A comprehensive boiler product line along with 3D TRASARTM automation helps you deliver safe, reliable and cost-effective steam.

Value delivered by our boiler treatment program includes:

  • Water and energy savings delivered through optimized programs
  • FDA-approved oxygen scavengers, internal treatment and condensate corrosion inhibitor
  • Monitoring and control of real-time internal treatment and pre-boiler system corrosion to help extend asset life
  • Steam system protection with programs tailored for your needs
  • Fully automated hardness monitoring system that detects hardness events and provides immediate response to minimize potential impact
Preatment Equipment

Thermal Processing Solutions

A complete thermal processing water management program promotes food safety through cooling water sanitation, equipment preservation and container quality optimization.

Benefits include:

  • Prevention of product holds and wasted product
  • Increased asset protection
  • Reduced energy, water and labor from excessive cleaning and water purges
  • Improved operational efficiency
  • Consistent brand and product quality
  • Reliable measurements and automated monitoring and control of chemistry
Cleaning & Sanitation

Cleaning & Sanitation Programs

Ecolab delivers optimal cleaning and sanitation programs to help you ensure food safety, quality, consistency and productivity across your plant operations.

Our integrated sanitation programs provide the following value:

  • Technical expertise to help ensure optimum product safety, quality and shelf-life by customizing our programs to your needs
  • Minimized downtime for cleaning
  • Reduced water and energy consumption for cleaning
  • Wash verification and record keeping
  • Improved product consistency
  • Improved employee safety
Pest Management

Integrated Pest Management Solutions

Our comprehensive integrated pest management solutions are customized to the needs of the plant and designed to minimize risk, eliminate pests and meet audit requirements.

Food Protect is a global audit-compliant F&B IPM program that delivers:

  • Proactive IPM plan derived from personalized risk-based assessment
  • Protection against infestation-related spoilage and contamination
  • Detailed, audit-compliant digital documentation and records
  • Trends and insights for risk and prevention planning
  • Employee pest prevention training