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Ethanol Storage
Thin Stillage
Corn Oil Separation
Cooling Water
Heat Exchangers
Boiler System

Boiler System

3D TRASAR™ Boiler Technology helps you produce reliable, safe, and cost-effective steam via a total system approach.

  • Water and energy savings delivered through optimized programs
  • FDA-approved oxygen scavengers, internal treatment, and condensate corrosion inhibitor
  • Monitoring and control of real-time internal treatment and pre-boiler system corrosion
  • Steam system protection with programs tailored for your needs
  • Our Hardness Response Program detects hardness events and provides immediate response to minimize potential impact


Our PermaCare™ product line helps resolve RO problems typically at a lower cost than using ion exchange to remove hardness.

  • Highly effective anti-scalants prevent mineral deposits that cause fouling and downtime from buildup on your membrane
  • 3D TRASAR™ Membrane Technology provides precise anti-scalant dosing
  • Specially formulated cleaners remove mineral scale, insoluble scale, organic fouling or microbial residues
  • Biocides to help minimize the impact of bio-growth on the operation of your RO system

Cooling Water

3D TRASAR™ Cooling Water Technology detects system variability, determines the correct response, and delivers:

  • Water savings with increased cycles of concentration
  • Scale and fouling prevention reduces energy
  • Extended asset life through customized applications
  • Access to real-time system data via performance dashboards
  • Confidence that system experts are watching your system 24/7

Corn Oil Separation

Our Corn Oil Separation Program boosts your bottom line.

  • Increased corn oil yield
  • Improved crude corn oil quality
  • Optimized recovery with innovative monitoring, automation and control technology
  • Improved cleaning effectiveness of Tri-canters/Disc Stacks reduces system vibration and cleaning time, and increases corn oil separation efficiency
  • Enhanced recovery across multiple equipment platforms
  • GRAS-approved chemistries

Ethanol Storage

With EC5624A Plus Ethanol Corrosion Inhibitor, corrosion rates improve and costs go down.

  • Optimize treat cost with pinpoint dosage from our proprietary 3D TRASAR™ Technology
  • Outstanding pHe buffering power in a wide range of fuels
  • Better cold weather handling; no heated storage required
  • Excellent corrosion protection without risk of intake valve deposits
  • An inhibitor that exceeds RFA recommendations for long term pHe buffering and corrosion inhibition
  • Lowest approved treat rate


Our Evaporator Management Program includes:

  • FDA-approved scale inhibitor product line that includes: Nalco 8975 engineered to inhibit calcium oxalate/beer stone formation and Nalco 8976 engineered to inhibit magnesium phosphate formation
  • Evaporator modeling to pinpoint exactly when and where to clean-in-place (CIP); then quantify the impact
  • Proprietary Evaporator CIP programs from Ecolab, the industry leader in CIP technology
  • A partnership with Aquatech International that can enable design, construction and expansion of Evaporator systems

Which in turn:

  • Reduces total cleaning time
  • Improves cleaning effectiveness
  • Eliminates acid cleaning
  • Improves heat transfer
  • Reduces water usage
  • Reduces or eliminates costly hydroblasting


Our unique beer column / distillation cleaning helps:

  • Reduce operating pressures
  • Increase beer feed rates
  • Reduce downtime
  • Eliminate hydro-blasting
  • Improve employee safety

Thin Stillage

Our Thin Stillage Clarification process allows plants to increase ethanol output
and corn oil capture.

  • Non-fermentable solids reduced in back set
  • Allows for higher starch loading in mash
  • Reduces thin stillage suspended solids allowing for higher solids concentration in syrup leading to less water to the dryer
  • Captures over 85% of all the crude oil present in thin stillage; easier downstream corn oil recovery


The Trimeta alternative pH CIP program is heavily built to take on the toughest cleaning challenges in fermentation.

  • Impacts ferm batch quality by helping decrease glycerol, sodium and process organics
  • Adds process consistency by running longer between cleanings and cutting down on unintended foam overs
  • Potential for operational savings from reduced water, energy and waste treatment costs

Heat Exchangers

Our Mash Train Heat Exchanger cleaning program:

  • Eliminates acid cleaning
  • Assists the plant in becoming FSMA compliant
  • Improves heat transfer
  • Enhances infection control by removing bio film formation